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Concrete Moisture Testing

We perform in-depth analysis and testing of existing concrete slabs to determine moisture levels, core temperatures, surface PH levels, and to identify potential surface contaminants. We are equipped and trained to perform In-situ/RH probe and surface moisture tests in accord with ASTM standards.  From rapid RH (relative humidity) tests to ensure that flooring materials will be covered under warranty, to our detailed and intensive reports including compression tests on the concrete, moisture barrier confirmation, or soil evaluation testing, our goal is to provide the reports and data that you need. A Calcium Chloride (MVER) test is also a reliable indicator of the quantity of moisture that is moving through the top section of your concrete by measuring the vapor emissions in gallons of water per 24 hours. Evaluating moisture in concrete is a complex process and many factors come into play, so we welcome a discussion regarding your needs. We have packages for our industrial, commercial, and residential clients.

Concrete Scanning

Radar based concrete scanning enables us to see what is below the surface of a concrete slab. This is crucial prior to any cutting or coring of the concrete to ensure the safety of people, property, and equipment. Tensioned cables, steel reinforcement, and any utility lines that run within the concrete must be identified before any penetration of the surface. Engineers and general contractors use our scanning services to confirm that steel reinforcement is present within the concrete and that it is adequate for its intended use. We work with many different trades providing scanning services on a per diem basis as they perform the cutting and coring of concrete. Our scanning technicians understand the importance of a thorough and detailed process and we communicate effectively our findings to those tasked with cutting or coring the concrete. Contact us about your project and we can discuss the different levels of scanning we provide. Your property and the people who work on them are far too important to cut or drill blind.

Concrete Coring

Coring holes in concrete is no easy task. There are inherent dangers involved to both people and property. It requires a thoughtful, careful, and planned strategy to ensure that the coring is completed in a way that is proficient without compromising safety. Cores can be removed with a dry coring method or a wet coring method and both have their place. We never "core blind". Prior to any core being removed, we scan the concrete with our radar scanning equipment to ensure we do not damage any utility or steel reinforcement. At times an engineering company will ask us to remove a section of concrete that includes steel reinforcement for testing, and with our scanning equipment we can pinpoint exactly where to core drill. Our focus on safety and our thoughtful approach is why so many use us repeatedly for their core drilling needs. Contact us about your project and we can discuss our pricing structure.

Specialty Repair

Concrete has a tremendous amount of mass and even with minimal movement can create heaving, cracking, contraction, and other problems that if not addressed can cause severe repurcussions. We specialize in performing repairs that address the issues while they are still manageable without great expense. 

  • Epoxy and single component crack injection
  • Removal and re-installation of two component expansion sealants
  • Waterproofing and non-slip sealant applications
  • Floor, wall, and ceiling injection treatments



Freshly Mixed Concrete Testing

We provide testing of concrete as it being placed. Slump, air content, temperature, density, and other tests performed while the concrete is freshly mixed can help determine the long term durability and strength of concrete. We also measure the results of our testing and observation against the design mix of the concrete so that what was engineered and ordered is being delivered. During the concrete pour, test cylinders are formed which allow us to test the compression strength of the concrete as it cures.

Whether you have a large pour or just a single truck, we can provide accurate data while complying with all applicable ASTM standards for testing. All technicians hold certifications with ACI and we spend immense energy and resources to create a safe and enjoyable work environment. 

Testing concrete places us in a unique position where we are required to manage the desires of several different parties. The engineer, general contractor, concrete contractor, and mixing company all have different needs and expectations. Our technicians are skilled at understanding these differing perspectives. We specialize in staying flexible and reasonable without compromising the quality and accuracy of the testing. Contact us and find out why many discerning engineers and contractors prefer our testing services.

Our Solutions

Safety is Paramount

Jobsite safety and the protection of people and property are not a secondary concern for us, it is our primary mindset. Construction can be dangerous and is an occupation filled with hazards. Concrete slabs and walls are filled with pipes, steel reinforcement, and a multitude of other unseen ingredients. The equipment used to test and analyze concrete can be dangerous. Our workers will always wear full personal protective equipment and will approach all projects with a mindset of protecting life and property. These are non-negotiable standards built into our process which is designed to provide our clients the confidence, protection, and peace of mind they deserve.

We drive safe, we work safe, we live safe, and we believe accidents are preventable. This principle guides us and benefits you. 


We Never Stop Learning

Technology, science, environments, and understanding are constantly changing. Improvements in equipment and methods don't stop, neither will we. We attend seminars and training classes, read product updates, workshop with other industry professionals, and engage in countless means of learning new and improved methods of performing our job. 


Students always, teachers sometimes, experts never. We endeavor to maintain a humble, teachable attitude and we believe this engenders the respect and loyalty of those we work with.  

About Us

  • Gabriel Smith

    Gabe has certifications from ACI, NWFA, and CCI Global that encompass concrete testing, insurance inspections, and floor failure evaluations. Since 2014 his focus has been on concrete testing and inspection, but he has been in the commercial and residential flooring industry since 1994. At 20 years of age he received his Journeyman Electrician's license and by 22 was a licensed General Contractor. His experience in wood floor installation and refinishing, substrate inspection, floor flattening, and tile and porcelain installation help him view the project from a unique perspective. Gabe is driven by a keen desire to expand his knowledge and to practically apply the lessons learned.  


  • Justin Duran

    As an ACI-certified concrete inspector, Justin is dedicated to providing his clients with the fact-based solutions they deserve. For the past six years he has worked very hard to use his natural attention to detail, adaptability, and his problem-solving skills in order to ensure the quality of his concrete inspections. Prior to concrete testing, Justin managed a skilled team in a Microprocessor Clean Room for one of the world’s top producers of microchips at the time. As a teenager, Justin learned the value of hard work and teamwork when he entered the workforce in a fast-paced worldwide printing and mailing operation. During all of these endeavors Justin has learned to excel as both an individual and as a team player. He is thrilled to be part of the excellent team assembled at Smithson Solutions!

  • David Gotz

    David enjoys critical thinking and has a background in chemistry and concrete. He has spent over seven years focused on the specific chemistry of concrete. He specializes in chemical instrumentation, concrete testing, and has experience testing on over 350 concrete slabs. David has strong problem-solving skills with a Bachelor's Degree in Chemistry and Mathematics.

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"Gabe and team have gone above and beyond with all different types of projects we have given him over the years. He has performed countless moisture testing projects, coring, and flooring failure analysis with attention to detail and thoroughness every single time. We rely on his expertise and value his professionalism. Gabe has also successfully trained a couple other technicians that we are constantly using for similar projects. I highly recommend Gabe and you can expect 100% satisfaction from the work that he does."- Oniel Ramos, San Francisco CA


"This company is completely equipped to handle your needs. The owner has accomplished everything he has set out to do on many projects for our company. The craftsmanship has been above and beyond. Honesty and integrity will be the motive and the forefront of every contract or agreement. I am speaking confidently from the experience I’ve had."- Darin Clagg, Walkill NY


"The support my wife and I received was outstanding very professional with a great deal of detail. The level of knowledge regarding the flooring industry , the standards as well as the do’s and don'ts was impressive to say the least. Along with that solutions to fix and or make the best of a bad situation we’re great. They really care. I dealt with Gabe and would fully recommend him and the company for any job to ensure it’s done right as well as help you when you had an install done without them that went wrong."- Rich Gaetano, Gardiner NY


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